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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My Disappointment Continues 

David Pinto of Baseball Musings is having a Pledge Drive because he lost his job and he wants, ultimately, to blog full time. I'm all for him. I donated money and I posted comments on his site telling people to donate. I may have occasional issues with David (i.e. his support of legalizing steroids for baseball players), but I fully support him and his blog.

Here's my disappointment. Do you know how much his week-old pledge drive has netted him? A whopping $955. In a week. That's just pathetic. Does that say something about him and his blogging? Absolutely not. It says something about the blogging community (which not only consists of bloggers, but blog readers).

I mentioned in my previous blog entry that I frequent some webcomics. Well, this one guy told his readers that if they were able to donate the equivalent of one years salary (~$30,000) that he would quit his job and he'd dedicate his time to improving his comic and making sure it comes out on a daily basis. You know what happened? Within a couple of days he had his $30,000 and more. What does this say about the blogging community? That they don't care? That they're lazy bastards? That they have no empathy for their compatriots in the blogging community? That they are greedy, money-hording peckerheads? Well, I think that the answer to all the above is "YES". Of course, not EVERYONE is like that. David did get $955, so SOME of us are donating.

David has logged about 12,500 unique URLs in the month of March so far. His $955 is from 98 donations. 98 DONATIONS!!! Think about that. 12,500 unique URLs. 98 donations. You can do that math, but in case you're one of those lazy-bastards-that-don't-want-to-donate-to-a-blogger-who-lost-his-job, well that turns out to be ~0.78% or his visitors have donated.

NOW you see why I'm disgusted and disappointed. A webcomic can collect over $30,000 in a couple days, but a baseball blogger can't come up with $1,000 in a week?!?! It's shameful. It's really very very shameful.
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