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Monday, January 10, 2005

The Yanks are done 

Using the fact that they Yankees turned down Boras' offer of Beltran for $100M/6yr, I'm assuming that the Yankees are all but done in the free agent market this offseason. No Magglio. No Delgado. Maybe a small signing to fill in a spot, or a minor league contract or two, but if they weren't going to bite on a "discounted" price for Beltran, then they're not going after any other big names. From cnnsi.com:
Boras also spoke several times with the Yankees on Saturday night, and proposed a $100 million, six-year contract for Beltran, a high-ranking baseball official said on the condition he not be identified. While the Yankees told Boras they thought highly of Beltran, they turned down the offer because they didn't want to commit $140 million -- $100 million in salary and $40 million in luxury tax.

I still hold out a little hope that it was a smokescreen - that the Yankees really think that he's not worth the $100M WITHOUT the luxury tax (I don't think he is, either). I will hold out hope for Magglio until he signs with another team (latest rumor was the Cubs are interested, but they still have to deal with Sammy's huge contract).

As for Beltran, it's hard to feel sorry for someone who is about to sign a $119M contract. He turned down Houston because of a lack of no-trade clause, and he was rebuffed by his top choice because he was asking for much. If he REALLY wanted to join the Yankees, he could have lowered his price and cut the number of years, but you KNOW that Boras would never stand for that. He makes 5%, and he wants the biggest 5% he can get. If Beltran REALLY wanted to join the Yankees, why not take $40M/4yr or something like that? $40,000,000 is a LOT of money. He's already MADE a lot of money, and he would make more money after a 4 year contract. It all comes down to one thing: GREED. I'm not saying that I wouldn't do the same thing, but I would never be able to spend $119,000,000 in a lifetime, so maybe I would take less to play for who I REALLY wanted to play for. Shoot, I make 5-digits, and I'd be happy with a 5% raise this year, much less a salary jump to 8-digits.
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