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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Surprise! Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles keep Odalis 

Looks like the Dodgers are keeping Odalis Perez. I didn't even realize that they were in the running to sign Perez. All previous rumor has been the Nationals or Mets (which was silly since they had a full rotation already) or maybe someone else. But not the Dodgers. Looks like he got the standard 3yr/$24M deal, too. Perez had an underwhelming 7-6 record in a full season as a starter (31 starts), but had a 3.25 ERA. And before you complain that he pitched in a pitcher's park, he actually had a 3.21 ERA on the road and a 3.31 ERA at home. Go figure!

I wish that the Yanks would have pursued Perez instead of Wright, since Perez had two very strong seasons in the past 3, compared to Wright's 1 good season in the past umpteen. And Perez is a lefty. I think that I heard something about his "character" earlier in the preseason that scared the Yanks off. Same reason they didn't pursue Clement.
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