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Monday, January 03, 2005

San Diego leadoff hitters 

From Stan McNeal at Sporting News:
"The trade of CF Dave Roberts, a leadoff man, to his hometown Padres should benefit 3B Sean Burroughs, who was forced to lead off last season because the club lacked options. G.M. Kevin Towers admits Burroughs is not suited to leading off and should be more relaxed hitting sixth or eighth. Burroughs, 24, must show more power--he hit two homers in 523 at-bats last season--to play every day. . . ."

While it might be better for Burroughs that Roberts is going to leadoff, it's certainly not better for the Padres. Burroughs had a .348 OBA last year compared to Roberts' .336. Both of those numbers are very close to their respective career averages. And at .719, Burroughs' career OPS is significantly higher than Roberts' .679.

Then again, maybe the Padres should look into replacing BOTH of those players, since they are both below average. Though, at least Burroughs is 24, so hopefully this once-can't-miss-prospect can improve. But for Roberts, at 32 years old, it's probably all going to be downhill from here on out. Ouch.
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