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Thursday, January 20, 2005

The return of Mael Rodriguez? 

If you remember way back last year, I talked about Mael Rodriguez, the Cuban fireballer who escaped Cuba. He had a prior injury which apparently scared away teams. Well, Julio Dominguez emailed me the other day to tell me this:
In case you don't know it by now, Mael threw 50 pitches forseveral scouts at the end of 2004. He reached 94 miles down 6 or 7 miles because he used to reach 100 and 101 consistently. He finally came to the US and began to train with Miguel Valdez who used to be a pitching coach in Cuba. He is going to hold try outs againthis year.
After a couple more emails, Julio emailed a reporter at cubaencuentro.com and he found this out:
Today in Miami, Mael Rodriguez is holding try outs for the Orioles. Probably, he is going to sign with them.
I'm glad to hear more about Mael. Hopefully he'll land a job somewhere and pitch up to his original expectations. When I first started this blog, I got a large percentage of my traffic from people googling "Mael Rodriguez" - I'm the #1 site on Google with that phrase. Oh yeah, Julio also threw me this tidbit:
Now there is another young (22) Cuban pitcher name Zaidel Beltran. He is in the Dominican Republic and had a very good Rookie season. He is lefty and has alot of talent.
I'll be interested to see what becomes of Zaidel. If I find anything more out, I'll definately let everyone know.
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