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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ordonez to sign with Tigers? 

So, it seems as though the Tigers are going to sign Magglio Ordonez. I have mixed feelings about this. All winter I've been talking about how I wanted the Yankees to sign Magglio because he'd probably take a cheap 1 year contract a la Nomar because he was injured last year (and not a minor injury, at that). I figured, naively, that this would be the case, but I forgot to factor in The Agent from Hell, Scott Boras. Apparently, he's asking for a 4-5 year deal worth FOURTEEN MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR. Yes, you read that correctly. If I do my math correctly, that's a lot of money for someone who had such a bad injury. Another report has Boras asking for a SEVEN YEAR DEAL. Yes, 7 years.

Now, I am the first person on the Magglio bandwagon. I think the guy is one of the most underrated players in the game. People know he's very good, but he's VERY good. I like him better than Carlos Beltran who signed a 7yr/$119M deal with the Mets. I have talked about this before. Magglio's OPS+ of his last 3 healthy seasons was 143 compared to Beltran's OPS+ of 120. That's a big difference. BIG. Of course, Magglio is 3 years older (31 for the 2005 season), so you don't want to give him a 7 year deal - 4 would be more than enough. But considering that Magglio, in his past 3 healthy season has, on averge, out homered (33-31), out RBI'd (120-103), out OBA'd (.381-.365), and out slugged (.557-.520) Beltran, well, maybe it makes sense that Boras is pushing for a huge contract for Magglio.

One problem is that it seems that the Tigers are bidding against themselves. I haven't heard of any other team in serious talks with Magglio. The Rangers have cooled to him, and the O's are trading a box of balls for Sammy Sosa.

These numbers that are being thrown around have probably scared away most teams. I'd like to see the Tigers get him since they've tried so hard this offseason to sign some big names, and they've struck out on every one. And this will stop the spread of big names migrating from the AL to the NL. But I never would have guessed that it would take this much to sign the guy.
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