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Friday, January 07, 2005

Oops! Jumped the gun on Alomar 

Looks like the Cards kicked Alomar to the curb and signed Grudzielanek instead. I think I like this better. Grudz is healthy, for one. In 2004 he was much better vs righties (.881 OPS) than lefties (.561 OPS), which was a switch for him. His career numbers show him better vs lefties (.741 OPS) than vs righties (.712 OPS), so I'm guessing 2004 was an aberration, possibly due to his limited playing time. His career Rate2 at 2B is a bit low (98), but his past 3 seasons were average to good (104, 100, 104), so maybe he worked out some kinks. I would say he's versatile, but he can't play SS particularly welll (career Rate2 of 93). He's never going to put up great numbers, but with the choices of second basemen these days, it's not a bad pickup.
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