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Monday, January 03, 2005

More stuff that sets me off - comparison of the Randy Johnson trade with the ARod trade 

So I was just poking around here or there when I checked out cnnsi.com's Trade Analysis for the approved Randy Johnson trade. I've used cnnsi.com, along with foxsports.com, as my primary sport web sites, ever since I stopped using espn.com in protest of The Insider (pay site) gobbling up all the decent writers on the site. Well, here is some stuff from the analysis of the trade:
"This is much like the Alex Rodriguez trade last offseason in that the Yankees get a superstar name but only improve themselves marginally. The difference between Alfonso Soriano and Rodriguez wasn't steep enough to justify adding another mega contract, and you could argue the same for the upgrade from Vazquez to Big Unit. Vazquez is no Hall of Famer, but up until his second-half slump last season Vazquez was an elite power pitcher in his own right. In any given season -- in any given postseason start, which is all the Yankees care about -- Vazquez can match Johnson or come close."

What the...!?!?! First of all, ARod had 30 Win Shares last season and Soriano had 17. That's a HUGE difference. That's the same Win Share difference as between Soriano and Nick Punto (part-time backup IF on the Twins). That's more than 4 wins difference.

On top of that, calling Vazquez an "elite power pitcher" for the first half of the 2004 season is a bit dramatic. Was he good? Yes. Was he very good? Possibly. Elite? No. Meanwhile, Randy Johnson had another spectacular year, almost winning another Cy Young. Randy also had 25 Win Shares, to lead the NL, and to be 2nd in the ML (to Johan Santana, who had 27). Vazquez had 10. That's 5 wins difference.

So it seems maybe something that cnnsi said is true - there is a similarity between the two trades. They both exchanged players who weren't cutting it in NY for high priced superstars that improved the Yankees somewhere between 4 and 5 wins. Not bad.
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