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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

It's raining prospects! 

In addition to all the top rated prospects the Mets jettisoned last year for mediocre major league pitchers, they now trade their fourth-rated prospect (according to the Daily News AND scout.com) for a slick fielding, no hitting first baseman, Doug Mientkiewicz, from the Red Sox. Ian Bladergroen hit .342 with 13 HR and 74 RBI in A ball. In ADDITION to being hoodwinked by the Red Sox, the Mets sent an undisclosed amount of cash to the Sox!!! So they are taking on a useless first baseman AND PAYING THE SOX TO DO SO. Holy guacamole!

You can't tell me that the Mets could have found a minor league 1B languishing somewhere (the Marlins have an extra 1B prospect now that they signed Delgado). The Mets went from so close to signing the last, missing piece of the puzzle, to trading a very good prospect for a marginal major leaguer. Put Mientkiewicz in Shea Stadium (extreme pitchers park) and just watch his number drop even lower. Everyone is hoping he "rebounds" to his 2001-2003 numbers, but there is no way he's ever going to reach them playing half his games at Shea. His numbers will be closer to his aggregate 2004 line.

Look for the Marlins and the Braves to duke it out in the AL East this season. The Braves will do it on their pitching, while the Marlins will field a more balanced attack, having both a strong offense and a strong pitching staff (though not as strong as the Braves, plus they lack Leo Mazzone). The Phils and the Mets will be fighting it out for 3rd place.
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