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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Free Agent leftovers 

A while back, I posted this post running down the remaining free agents. A lot has happened since then, and even more should happen today or tomorrow when Beltran ends up signing with, probably, the Mets. Here is a quick synopsis of the main leftovers:

And that's about it, folks! Yeah, there are a number of free agents out there that could probably contribute as bench players, but besides the Big Two above, there isn't much. Delgado has been rumored to go just about everywhere, including the Mets, Rangers, Marlins, and any other number of teams. The Yanks are out, since they signed Tino, and I would guess that the Mets are out, unless they've gone totally bonkers. He'd, of course, help the team, but I doubt that they have $10M+ to throw his way. Everyone who reads this blog knows that I would like to see the Yanks take a strong look at Magglio, but I doubt that will happen. One can always dream.

Oh yeah, the Yankees signed Ruben Sierra. Blech. I saw some article (I forgot where) that referenced his veteren leadership. Blech. Like the Yankees need any more veterens or leadership on their team??? Couldn't they find a free agent out there that never played for them that could put up better numbers than Ruben? I bet they could.

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