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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Byrnes for Cameron? 

I guess I just don't get it. Byrnes is younger then Cameron. And he had 19 Win Shares last year, compared to Cameron's 18. True, Cameron is a better fielder and he had a slightly off year last year. And played in a pitcher's park. But this just seems like a weird trade for Billy Beane to be making. Their Offensive/Defensive Wins Shares splits are:

Byrnes: 15/4
Cameron: 12/6

I guess Beane is figuring that Cameron will increase his OWS while his DWS will stay the same. But Byrnes is younger by 3 years. Cameron's career OPS is a bit lower, too (.780 to 796). This was Byrnes' second full season in the majors, and his numbers increased from his first year in 2003. He hit 20 HR, stole 17 bases (while getting caught only 1 time) and strikes out less than Cameron.

If someone out there has a good, solid rationale for trading Byrnes for Cameron, let me know please.
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