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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Beltran rumors 

There are some Beltran rumors going around that the Mets have signed Beltran. Of course, some newspapers deny it (from Newsday):
"There was a growing public sense that the Mets' chances were gathering momentum yesterday, thanks to a fan Web site report and other speculation. But that may have been a false sense, as there's no real evidence their chances are greater or worse than any of the other three finalists."

One of those finalists seems to be the Yankees. Do you think Boras would accept an offer from the Mets if the Yanks are still in the running? It might turn out that the Mets sign him, but I don't think that Boras is ready to sign so quickly - he still has a couple of days before the Astros' deadline kicks in. Boras still has a couple days left, I don't really think that he'd pass them up for a quick(ish) signing.
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