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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Mulder to the Cardinals 

Wow! More big news! Mulder dealt to Cards for 3 guys no one has ever heard of. It's hard to believe that the A's couldn't get any more for this guy - he's 81-42 in 150 career starts. Sure, he had a weak 2nd half, but so what? I know the Yanks have been hard after Randy for the past 3 days, but it's difficult to believe that we couldn't send the A's better guys then what they got from the Cards. Ah well, good luck to Mulder in St. Louis, and good luck to the A's with their cheapy roster. I'm guessing that they are now going to sign someone, since they just saved a bundle by jettisonning two of their higher priced players.
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Randy Johnson and.....Kazuhisa Ishii? 

It looks like we're getting Ishii in the Randy Johnson trade now. WTF?!?! I'm assuming that LA is forcing him on us for salary reasons or something, because there is no way in hell we'd actually WANT the guy, is there? Perhaps he'll be our 6th starter, or 5th if you assume that Kevin Brown is a goner. Maybe they got him to keep Matsui company. Ishii's away ERA last year was 5.14, and he walked as many as he struck out. His career away ERA (in MLB) is 4.87. If you take in account the extra offense in the AL, his ERA should be even higher. Then again, it should be better than Loaiza's and Vazquez's second half ERA, and he's been relatively healthy while he's be playing with the Dodgers (though he missed some games in 2002 afte he was hit in the face with a batted ball). I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Randy is a Yankee 

Looks like the Yanks traded for Randy. Of course, they gave up Vazquez, Dioner Navarro and Eric Duncan in order to get him. If Randy stays healthy and pitches for the Yanks for another 3 years, then maybe it's worth it. I'm not happy giving up 2 of the Yankees top minor leaguers, but then again the Yanks have had a less than stellar record of developing young players, and Navarro, though young, didn't play so well after getting promoted to AAA.

Questions that remain unanswered:
I guess we'll have to wait and see. Up next? Carlos Beltran (or perhaps a healthy JD Drew).

Thanks to Adam for pointing out the Newsday article.
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Hudson to the Braves, newest Randy rumor 

I'm glad that the Yanks didn't trade for Hudson - his declining numbers were too worrisome, and he's going to be a free agent after the 2005 season.

Hopefully the newest Randy rumor - Shawn Green/Vazquez/Randy Johnson - comes true, just as long as the extras that the Yanks have to give up aren't too much. I'd be sad to see Vazquez go (I really think he can rebound this season), but Randy is too much of a sure thing (barring injury, of course) to pass up.
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Drew vs. Beltran 

If it weren't for health issues, I'd rather sign Drew to a 3-4 year deal than Beltran to a 6-7 (or god-forbid, a 10!!!) year deal. Drew had better numbers than Beltran last year, by a decent margin (OPS > 1.000 vs OPS ~.915). Drew is a bit slower and a natural RF, but he can play CF (and, in fact, HAS played CF in the past).
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