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Friday, July 23, 2004

Remember my month off? Well.... 

Do you? Sometime in April and May I took a month off, then when I came back, I wrote this post. I was a bit down on the state of affairs with the whole baseball blogging scene. Well, I've noticed over the past week or two or three that I'm not the only one who has been shirking his duties.

When I got into this blogging scene back in December 2003 or so and I was really blogging regularly - several times a day, in fact - there were a number of blogs that I read every day. You can actually see them over there to the right. Today, I read Baseball Musings, Bronx Banter and Aaron's Baseball Blog every day no matter what. And the rest of them, I may check a couple times a week. What happened is that, besides those three blogs, most everyone else has stopped writing every day. Or I have lost interest in their blog. Or both.

And no one ever leaves comments. That's another thing that really bugs me. Sure, Lisa and Cliff occasionally do, but for the most part, my 20 - 30 page views per day (half of which come from searches - Google, Yahoo, etc.) isn't generating the interest from the viewers that they feel like they need to leave me a comment. Am I boring now? Am I really not saying anything interesting? Occasionally I'll post a question in a blog entry, and when I have, I don't think that I've ever received a response.

At this point in time, I'm seriously thinking about taking a sabbatical from writing my blog. It's nice that I have someplace to write things that interest me about baseball and the Yankees, but it seems like no one else is really interested. I may just stop writing and continue reading (and posting comments) at the handful of blogs that I still frequent. (Posting comments on other blogs is what got me started in the first place - I needed more space than a blog comment to express myself, so I started this blog.)

I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to do. I have a wonderful fiancé that supports my blogging, and who even supports my OOTP habit. But between spending time with her, taking our drawing class, working on the house (we built a shed, and now are going to renovate the guest bedroom into a bedroom/office with a full wall of built-in bookcases), finishing my big project up at work, getting my Java certification (SCJP), and all the other things going on - well, maybe I just don't have the time, energy, motivation and writing skillz to pull this off anymore.

I'm going to think about this some more. Of course I'll let you all know what I decide. Any opinions? Thoughts? Ideas?
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El Duque 

I have to admit that when the Yankees signed El Duque before the season started I was quite skeptical. I figured the Yanks didn't need yet another old starting pitcher who is ALREADY broken down, as opposed to our old pitchers who EVENTUALLY will be broken down.

Boy, was I wrong! El Duque has helped pull the Yankee's collective ass out of the fire with 3 good starts, especially last nights 7 scoreless innings with 10 strike outs. Apparently his fastball was faster this time out, too.

I'm not sure how long this will last, but I sure am appreciating it while it does. And on top of all the good starts he's providing, I'm betting that he is having a good influece on Contreras, too.

One thing, though. I'd like to know how old El Duque REALLY is. If he's 38, then I'm 24. And god knows I'm not 24.
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"His brother did my pool." 

An amusing, light-hearted article about Sheffield and Curt Leskanic's brother. It's nice to read something a little lighter about the Yankee/Red Sox rivalry. Nice and refreshing on a hot, scorching day here in Atlanta.
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Thursday, July 22, 2004

ARGH! Cairo bunting!!??! 

Why the hell is Cairo sacrificing the runner over IN THE FIRST INNING??? Cairo has the highest batting average of all everyone on the Yankees - why the hell are you sacrificing with him?

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Pokey is our savior!!! 

I can't help point this out. Pokey Reese has an amazing -19 RCAA this year. Yes, a NEGATIVE nineteen Runs Created Above Average. I guess that's equivalent to 19 RCBA. ;) At that rate of non-production, the Yankees should really be paying his salary.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

NEWS FLASH: Bud sucks. Again. 

Hmmmmm....Bud wants to stop the alternating AL/NL parks for the All Star game. Hmmmmm.....and he wants to give it to 3 NL teams in a row because they have new parks. Hmmmm....what league is Bud's team in again? Oh yeah! The National League! The very league that he wants to send all the upcoming All Star games to. Hmmmmm. If I were an AL team owner I'd be livid.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Bad use of statistics 

I was reading an article at newsday.com when I came across this paragraph:
I know, I know, it's a basketball article, but listen to my point. The author of the article, Greg Logan, makes a point to say that Dampier isn't the answer to defend against Shaq. My point is: is there ANYONE that can really defend against Shaq? OK, maybe The Admiral at one time was good against him, and probably a couple guys here and there that have had limited success against him, BUT Dampier allowing Shaq to average 25.1 points and 11.5 rebounds, while seeming like a lot of points and rebounds, is actually LESS then Shaq's career averages of 27.1 points and 12.0 rebounds per game. Mr. Logan forgot to mention that small point. I know, it's not significantly less than Shaq's average, so statistically it's probably identical considering the number of games that Dampier and Shaq have playerd against each other (17 games). I just hate to see statistics misused like this, whether it's in basketball, baseball, politics, or wherever. STOP ABUSING STATISTICS!!!

OK, I'm off my soapbox now.
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Monday, July 19, 2004

Depth to their bullpen? 

Today, the Mets traded Karim Garcia to the Orioles for Mike DeJean. Here is what Mets GM Jim Duquette had to say about the trade:
Well, Jim, I hope you can turn him around as well as you turned Hidalgo around, because your "added depth" consists of a pitcher with a 6.13 ERA and a .308 BAA this year. He strikes out about a guy an inning, but he also walks a ton of guys and lets up a ton of hits. If he could regain his form from 2002, it's a good trade, but if not, then why did they trade for a guy when they could have brought up some minor leaguer for much less money and the same 6.00 ERA?
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