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Friday, June 25, 2004

Random Stat: RCAA by decade 

As you can see to the right, we have a new Random Stat: Runs Created Above Average By Decade. It shows which player had the most RCAA for that particular decade. It's interesting to see how the high RCAA fluctuated from decade to decade, from a high of 1174 by Babe Ruth in the 1920s to a low of (surprise) 439 by Rickey Henderson in the 1980s. One amazing thing is that Honus Wagner lead the next closest player (Nap Lajoie) by 51%! That's truly astonishing. There were 3 decades where the 2nd place player wasn't even close: Honus over Nap in the 1900s, Ty Cobb over Tris Speaker in the 1910s (39%), and Ted Williams over Stan Musial in the 1940s (43%). At first I was amazed that Ted, even though he missed 3 years in WWII was that far in font, but Stan missed 3 years, too - one due to WWII, and two because he was first called up to the majors for a cup of coffee in 1941. All the rest of the decades were relatively close.
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Poor Presentation 

I was poking around the internet looking for trade information when I came upon this article in the Houston Chronicle about the Astros getting Beltran, blah blah blah. My problem with the article is that EVERY sentence is a new paragraph!!! WTF??? Who is doing the formatting over there at the Chronicle? I couldn't read the article because it is so poorly formatted. Feh.
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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Breaking News! Beltran to Houston! 

Looks like Beltran has been told that he's going to Houston. Excellent!
I'm glad to see that the Yankees didn't overpay for a short-term rental, and I'm even MORE glad that they Red Sox didn't trade for him.
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Devil Rays 

Now that it's over, I'd like to take some time out to congratulation the Devil Rays on their 12 game winning streak. Nice going guys! Keep up the good work!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Red Sox fans/writers are stupid 

Pokeymania! WOOHOO!!! Check out this quote from an article in the Boston Herald:
Pokeymania is the best thing to happen to the Yankees since they sold us Babe Ruth! OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a BIT, but with Boston gripped in the clutches of Pokeymania, it seems that all of a sudden, no one cares if Nomar leaves the Sox after this season. Nomar playing 2B for the Yanks in 2005? OK, OK, it's farfetched, and Nomar has been bitten by the injury-bug lately, but we can dream, can't we? Go ahead and let the Sox resign Pokey Reese to a long-term contract - no matter how you slice and dice the numbers, his Win Shares are just not impressive. A slick-fielding/no-hit middle infielder? Those guys are a dime-a-dozen. If they want to let Nomar go, Nomar with a career .924 OPS (though his OPS has averaged around .850 over the past 3 years), Nomar the Great Guy with the Great Wife, well then, more power to them! Even if the Yankees don't sign him, and I wouldn't really expect them to, at least the Sox will be fielding a weakened team without him.

Maybe what the Yanks should do is to "leak" some secret longing to have Pokey Reese play 2B for them in 2005. That would surely speed up the Reese's resigning with the Sox.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Contreras' wife & daughter escape Cuba to the US 

Contreras' wife and daughter apparently snuck out of Cuba and made it to the US.Jose left the Yankees to join his family in Miami. Good news for the Contreras family. Congratulations!
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Padres' top draft pick screws up big-time 

This is out of the What-the-HELL-was-he-thinking category:
Ummmmm, dude, you just signed a $3.15 MILLION dollar contract. Do you think you could stay out of trouble long enough to PLAY ONE GAME!?!?!

Stuff like this really riles me up, and, at the same time, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Feh.
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Monday, June 21, 2004

Yankees trade rumors 

Why are the Yankees thinking of trading for Carlos Beltran? I mean, besides the fact that the Red Sox are trying to trade for him, too. If they Yankees trade for Beltran (giving up their last two decent prospects in the process), they'll have an outfield of Beltran, Sheffield, and Matsui. Pretty freakin' good. If not THE best, then ONE of the best outfields in the majors. And then Bernie shifts to DH. But wait, Giambi is Mr. Gimp, so he'll have to have some time at DH, too, which will leave Bernie (currently their leadoff hitter) out in the cold. So that means, unless Bernie can learn to play first base really fast, he's going to be sitting on the bench every time Giambi has to rest his knees (or various other body parts). I know that having Beltran in the lineup and occasionally having Bernie out of the lineup is still a plus. But do we want to do that AND give up our best prospects? Beltran is likely going to sign with the Yankees after the season anyway, so why bother trading for him? Our team is doing just fine (best record in baseball), so let's hold off on all this trade talk.
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Hidalgo pays dividends 

Well, so far so good for the Mets. Hidalgo went 2-for-4 with 2 runs scored, 2 RBI, and a home run - exactly what they were looking for from him when they traded for him. Nice job.
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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Freddy Garcia on the road 

Cliff brings up an excellent point which I thought about looking into the other day, but I never got around to it. Freddy Garcia's road stats. Take a look at the ERA/BAA/OPS numbers of Freddy at home and on the road:

home: 2.54/.207/.580
road: 4.04/.281/.765

Ouch! The sampling size for home and away are 184 AB and 171 AB, respecitively, so the sampling size isn't too bad, and at least he's evenly split between the two. As you can see here, Safeco plays as an extreme pitchers park, but Yankee Stadium is pretty even, though it leans a little in the favor of the pitcher. IF Freddy does indeed come to the Yanks, we should definately expect a pitcher with a 4.04 ERA instead of the 3.21 ERA that he has put up with the Mariners so far this season.
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Brad Halsey 

I've noticed that there have been a number of people looking for Brad Halsey information. Well, here you go. This season at Columbus, he's had the following numbers:

2.52 ERA, 82 IP, 75 H, 51 K (5.59/9IP), 19 BB (2.09/9IP), 1 HR, 13 GS, 2 CG, 1 SHO, 6-2

His previous minor league seasons he's put up these numbers. Cliff as Big Red Blog (my apologies for not linking to the site - I'm an idiot) via Fabian at Minor Yankee Blog noted:
How's that?

- Addendum -
I found this quote pretty funny:
- Addendum's Addendum -
Another funny thing involving Halsey, this one from Alex's Bronx Banter:
And this one, too.
All in all, it looks like the Yankees are going to have a good time with Brad Halsey, both with his pitching, and making fun of the rookie. But if you had to have someone tease you for your rookie mistakes, it might as well be a team full of All-Stars.
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