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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Rivera homers twice in one inning, and rookie pitcher gets the sh|t kicked out of him 

Ex-Yankee Juan Rivera hit two homers in one inning against the Chicago White Sox. And one of those homers was a grand slam. Talk about a career day! I, for one, always rooted for Rivera to do well and win a starting spot on the Yankees, but that never seemed to materialize. Hopefully he'll be able to make a decent career for himself in the majors. Good luck, Juan.

On another note, that very same game, rookie White Sox pitcher Arnie Munoz was called up from AA ball, you read correctly - AA ball, and left in to get pummelled for 11 runs and 10 hits in 3 innings. He was left in for the entire 2nd inning where he got tagged for 9 runs. What the fuck is Guillen thinking leaving a rookie (did I mention that he was called up from AA ball???) for that fucking long??? If his bullpen needed rest, then maybe they shouldn't have started a guy from AA ball! We all knew that Guillen was going to be a shit-fucking bad manager, but his actions today are patently inhumane. Ozzie, I hope your team finishes in dead last and your ass gets fired as soon as possible.
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Game update & trade opinions 

I know, I know, another mid-game update. Feh. Brad Halsey was just lifted for Quantrill in the 6th inning after giving up a single with 2 out (Quantrill got Hernandez to foul out, ending the inning). Halsey threw 109 pitches, which is a LOT for 5-2/3 innings. Of the 109 pitches, 71 were for strikes, which isn't too bad. The only mistake that he really made was giving up a home run to HIDEO NOMO!!! ARGH!!! Say it ain't so!!! Nomo was leading off the inning, too. Halsey gave up 2 doubles and 2 singles (5 hits in total), striking out 3 and walking only 1.

I'd have to say that's a very impressive first major league start for our Brad Halsey. I would like to see several more from him in a Yankee uniform. Of course, he'll probably be traded in the next month for either Freddy Garcia or Carlos Beltran. I for one would rather see neither in a Yankee uniform this season (next season is a different story). Even with injuries to some of our pitchers I feel that we have enough to win the division, the league and the WOrld Series this year. Make Halsey the 5th starter (or 6th starter, since the 6th man should get a good number or starts this year) and lets keep our prospects for another year. Sign Beltran (who, while a very good player, is not worth the same money that Vlad got last year, since Vlad is DEFINATELY better than Beltran) this offseason, move Bernie to DH (and keep him in the leadoff slot since he has a very good OBP), sign another pitcher, and call it a day. Just don't denude the farm system (again) for a couple months of a player that, in the big picture, isn't going to help you win any more than you were going to win in the first place.
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Friday, June 18, 2004

Cano moved to 2B for a showcase 

According to Lee Sinins' ATM Report:
I'm not happy with the prospect of giving up two of our top prospects for Freddy Garcia. I read somewhere else that the Yankees would do it only if they could sign Garcia to a contract extension, but I don't think it would be much of a problem with him, as opposed to Beltran. I'm glad the Yanks are concentrating on pitching instead of hitting (and Beltran) considering their offense is fantastic. The thing that worries me about Garcia is his last years' numbers. The Mariners weren't half bad last year, but he struggled all year long and ended up with a 4.52 ERA. The good things about Garcia are his age (only 28) and his reliability (33+ starts since 2001). His best year was 2001, but his 2002 and 2003 seasons were mediocre at best. This year, of course, he's pitching much better with a 3.23 ERA and 2.64 K/BB, which is good, but not fantastic.

Is there anyone else we can get that wouldn't cost us so much? Couldn't we give our young guys a chance? Posada isn't getting any younger, and good catchers are hard to come by. Trading Novarro insures that we're going to be spending big on some free agent catcher 3 years from now. Ah well, I guess being a Yankee fan means not looking out into the future too far. And we DO need some pitching help.
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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Hidalgo addendum 

I posted a comment on David Pinto's Baseball Musings in response to his post on the Hidalgo trade, which he states that the Mets come out on top because get more Win Shares in the trade (4-2). This is my response:
I don't feel comfortable comparing Win Shares in this instance because you're trading a right fielder for a middle reliever. And I'm not even including the money factor, which the Mets can certainly take it on.
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Halsey starting this weekend 

Brad Halsey is starting for the Yanks this weekend. He has a 6-2 record at Columbus with a 2.52 ERA. Minor Yankee Blog has been writing about Halsey for a while now. The Post article above does have one line that really bothers me. They are comparing him to Brad Claussen last year:
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Mets get Hidalgo 

According to espn.com:
I know Hidalgo did better last season, but if his this season stats continues, I wouldn't really consider that "upgrading their offense."
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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Sturtze and Bernie 

Now, I don't usually do mid-game updates. In fact, I don't think I've done more than 2 or 3 since I started. But here goes nothing!

Sturtze is through 2 innings, given up 2 hits and 1 BB and has 3 K's. Not a shappy start, and it doesn't hurt that he's been staked to a 5-0 lead.

Many bad things have been said in the past about Torre's lineups, especially with the whole Soriano-leading-off-thing. But I think he's finally gotten it right with putting Bernie in the leadoff spot. I know that batting order has very little influence on the final outcome of the game, but putting Bernie (.362 OBP) in the #1 slot instead of Jeter (.315 OBP) looks like the logical choice to me.
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4 year old scores big after being knocked down by bully 

This 4 year old kid got knocked down by an adult diving for a foul ball, and, despite chants by the fans to give the kid the ball, decided to keep the ball and screw the boy. But the kid gets the last laugh two times over: he ended up getting a couple bats and four balls (one signed by Nolan Ryan) AND getting some free tickets AND getting some exposure on shows like Good Morning America AND the guy who did the knocking down was outed - his name is Matt Starr, a 28 year old married landscaper. Ha! Dude, no one likes a kid-knocker-downer.
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Monday, June 14, 2004

Possible setback for Karsay? 

Karsay felt some discomfort this afternoon.
I hope he doesn't get behind on his return schedule. They Yanks could use a fresh (and healthy) arm in the bullpen.
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Pete Rose in the news again? Well, not really... 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I dislike Pete Rose even more than I dislike Nicholas (Nic) Cage. So for me to post a Random Stat where Pete Rose is at the top of the list AND the list isn't titled "Shawn's Most Dispised Players" is truly a day to remember. To be fair, Pete Rose was managing himself (and doing a poor job of it) during his last season or so on the diamond, which is probably the main reason why he ranks #1 in Most Double Plays by a Player Over 40. Of course, Julio Franco is still playing, so it's possible that if he does indeed play as long as he intends to (he wants to play until he's 50) that he'll rank #1 on this list eventually. All the names on the list played 1B, except for Luke Appling (SS), Rabbit Maranville (2B), and Honus Wagner (split time between 1B and 2B). In case you're curious, here is a list of the leading players at the respective positions:

Pos Player DP
P Phil Niekro 30
C Carlton Fisk 22
1B Pete Rose 341
2B Rabbit Maranville 92
3B Deacon White 25
SS Luke Appling 158
OF Sam Rice 6

-Addendum -
Here is the original Random Stat:
Double Plays Turned (40+ years old)
	Player			DP

1 Pete Rose 341
2 Cap Anson 327
3 Luke Appling 158
4 Julio Franco 146
5 Tony Perez 133
6 Honus Wagner 131
7 Andres Galarraga 111
8 Rabbit Maranville 92
9 Joe Start 89
10 Willie McCovey 78
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Myrow for Sturtze??? 

According to this, the Yankees completed their transaction for Tanyon Sturtze by sending Brian Myrow to the Dodgers. As much as I'm trying to give Sturtze the benefit of the doubt, why did we have to give up Myrow for him? He's only batting .268 at Columbus, but he had a great year in AA ball last year - he's an on-base machine.
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