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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Yankee injuries 

Well, Jeter and Wilson both hurt their groins, so that leaves the Yankees with a lack of infielders. Supposedly Cairo will play SS and Homer Bush will play 2B. I have an idea. Play Shef at 3B, move ARod to SS for a couple of games, and keep Cairo at 2B. The defense will be weakened at 3B, strengthened at SS, and Cairo is a better 2B'er than Bush, so that position will remain strong. Plus, the offense will be much stronger. Any OF/DH that the Yanks have is better than putting Bush into the lineup. Sierra (who has been slumping a bit lately) or Bubba Crosby would play RF and Bernie would be in CF (or Bernie could DH and Bubba could play CF. Whichever they choose, I like it better than playing Homer. Of course, I'm also a bit biassed because I'd love to see Shef play 3B again. Apparently he's been taking grounders every day just in case he's needed to step into the 3B slot. I think he's itching to play there - I wonder if he could convince Torre...
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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Neyer being moved to the Insider - con't 

Here is a snippet from Rob's chat this afternoon:
So there you have it. Not his idea. No raise. And he'll miss us. This really sucks.
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Yankees Runs per Inning 

Does anyone know where I can find out how many runs the Yankees score per specific inning? With all their comback victories, it seems that they would be scoring more runs in the late innings than the early innings.

Where can I find that?
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Rob Neyer and....football? 

Yes indeed! I was perusing espn.com this morning and I went to check on the status of the (NY) Giants and some potential free agent signings (Warner, Trotter) and what did I see?
This article by our favorite baseball writer, Rob Neyer. It's about the Minnesota Vikings and how they're one of the 15 Most Tortured Sports Cities in America. Who knew Rob was a Vikings fan?
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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Minor Yankee news 

According to Lee Sinins (see link to the right), here is some Yankee news:
What are we doing claiming ANY Indians pitcher off waivers? Haven't they noticed that the Indians pitching, esPECially their relief pitchers, aren't all that great?
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Thankful to be a Yankee fan 

I know, I know. Why WOULDN'T I be thankful I was a Yankee fan. Especially since they've been hitting the crap out of the ball of late. Well, sometimes you just realize how thankful you SHOULD be because you root for the best sports team in baseball, if not all of sports.

I was reading Aaron's Baseball Blog this morning, as I always do, and I started feeling sorry for Aaron and the rest of the Twins fans. Yeah, their team is doing well, but DAMN they don't know how to manage players, especially young players. And their infielders! OUCH! Rivas??? What the hell is he still doing on a major league team, much less starting every day? But I digress. I realized how thankful I was that we Yankee fans don't have that problem (and NOT because we don't have any youngsters) - our manager, more than anybody, knows people and how to manage them. Yeah, yeah, we are the richest ballclub in the league by far, and that, of course, helps, but when you look at some other teams, you see that it's not the money, but the brains and the personalities that make up the management of the team that makes this team so great. And that is what I'm thankful for.
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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Mael Rodriguez - (non) update 

I see a handful of people per day coming to my lonely ole site looking for news on Mael Rodriguez, the Cuban fireballer. Well, I'm sorry to say that I have no idea what's happened to him. I haven't heard of a piece of news about him since before Spring Training. If anyone out there knows anything about where he is or who he signed with, I'd love to know.
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Bad Rob Neyer news! 

I know most, if not all of you, read Rob Neyer at espn.com. Well, get ready to stop reading him as often:
Yes, ESPN Insider. You know, that part of espn.com that you have to pay for. How many of you out there pay for it? It says that he'll still be writing columns for the "normal" (i.e. free) portion of espn.com, but when they use the term "peppered" I start to get worried.

This is very sad news for we Neyer fans.

(For those of you who want to see the where I got the quote from, check the little grey box at the bottom of Rob's most recent article.)
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Rivera's walk on the wild side 

Has anyone noticed that Mariano Rivera is walking people at the highest rate of his career since his rookie season? He has so far walked 11 guys in 28 innings (I'm not sure how many of them were intentional). That's awfully high for him, especially since last year he walked 10 guys ALL SEASON in a little over 70 innings. Thanks to his walk numbers, he's working on his highest WHIP since 1997 - the year he was turned into a reliever.

Of course, Mariano's ERA is 0.96, and his BAA is a paltry .206, but the volume of walks that he is issuing is a little bit disturbing. It's definately something to keep an eye on, but nothing to lose sleep over.
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