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Saturday, April 03, 2004

See you in St Louie, Cedeno 

Looks like the Mets finally got rid of Roger Cedeno. What a disaster that signing was. Blech. Even as a Yankee fan, thinking about Cedeno playing for the Mets the past two seasons hurts - imagine how the Mets fans feel!?!? The ended up trading him to St. Louis for backup catcher Chris Widger (who they don't really need) and infielder Wilson Delgado (who they also don't need too badly). Oh yeah, and St. Louis gets "monetary considerations" which means they get a boatload of money to offset Cedeno's horrific contract. Not a bad deal for St. Louis, considering they have Old Man Lankford in leftfield. Cedeno gives them one more hit-or-miss option out there. He can't be any worse than those other guys the Cardinals are throwing out there. Can he? Well, OK, he COULD be worse, but he could be about the same, too.
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Georgia Tech 

I'd just like to congratulate my alma mater in getting the the NCAA Tournament Finals this evening. WOOHOO!!! GO GEORGIA TECH!!! You gotta love that Australian dude, eh?
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Friday, April 02, 2004


I'm not really sure what kinja.com, but I got a little post there yesterday here, but you'll have to scroll down to find it. It looks like a list of excerpts from other baseball blogs. Kind of a blog consolidation a la rss or something. I'm not sure. But at least it looks nice. And they had a link to me. What more can you ask for?
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Thursday, April 01, 2004

I got your April Fools RIGHT HERE! 

You're not going to see any of that crap here, sorry. If you're looking for a website that tries to play cutsie little games by posting fake stuff this one day a year, you can try Baseball Musings. or better yet, try The Onion - at least they do it every day of the year (and they do it quite well, too).

I know people are just trying to have a little fun, but I find it, well, stupid. And boring. And, um, did I say "stupid"? Don't get me wrong, I like Baseball Musings as much as the next baseball-blog loving guy, but I was extremely disappointed by today's entries. And David didn't just do one or two. Oh no! He did EIGHT FAKE BLOG ENTRIES! Please, spare us the tripe.
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My first baseball game of the season 

On Wednesday April 7, I will be attending my first baseball game of the year. My department had a good first quarter, so they're treating all of us to a Braves game (I think vs. the Mets) AND we're going to get the good seats, since we *DO* own the team after all. ;) It should be a lot of fun - they're giving us some Braves Bucks to spend as we want, which is nice for we vegetarians of the department.

As for the pitching matchup, I'm not too sure, but it may be something like Russ Ortiz against Al Leiter, which should be a pretty good matchup.

And, as a Yankee fan, who am I going to root for? Good question. Everyone else is going to be rooting for the Braves, so I think I'll have to stick by the hometown team and root for the Mets. Please, no hate mail. ;)
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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The sky is falling!!! 

Yet another baseball journalist jumps on the "Yankees have weaknesses" bandwagon (this time it's Buster Olney at espn.com). Haven't we gotten past this yet?

Buster, why do you have to go and include the following bullcrap in your article? You bitch at the players for letting balls drop, then come back and give us the REASON why the balls dropped. THEN you say it's going to be a recurring problem WITHOUT GIVING ANY PROOF!!! Here is the quote:
Anyone who has even an ounce of perception knows that Lofton, while not the best centerfielder in the world, is better than Bernie at this point in his career. And on top of that, Sheffield has had a Rate2 of 105 and 102 in 2002 and 2003 (respectively) in rightfield (only a little below O'Neill's Rate2 from 1996-2000 in which he averaged about about 106). So he's actually a pretty decent fielder out there. And that's to go with 7 assists in each of the two past years - not great, but not horrible, either.

So, Buster, why don't you find something new to write about that hasn't been written 100 times in the past month, and while you're at it, try and get your facts straight.
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Finally! A ballpark sponser actually DOING something besides polluting the ballpark namespace 

San Francisco Stadium is being made into a giant wireless hotspot. Very nice! I love to see the convergence of sports and technology. This reminds me when the Mariners signed Ichiro, and Seattle Stadium was then outfitted with HDTV equipment everywhere to satisfy the Japanese viewing audience.

The wireless access will be free for the 2004 season, then users will be charges on a per day or per month basis.
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Tuesday, March 30, 2004


For making the Yankees 2004 Opening Day Roster! I knew you'd make it all along! WOOHOO!!! You're way better and more valuable than the stiff that is Darren Bragg. Congrats again! Hopefully you'll stick around for a bit.
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ARod heart-to-heart 

her e you go. I'm sure a lot of you have already read this, but it's an article about and BY ARod. About his depression during last season, about him being a Yankee, about a whole lot of stuff. Go ahead and read it.
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My apologies 

Sorry I haven't been posting anything at all, I've been super busy with a whole boatload of things. I promise I'll start posting regularly very soon! Thanks for stopping by and being patient with me. :)
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