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Thursday, March 18, 2004


Now, i'm sure everyone out there is familiar with Bubblicious bubble gum. There was this kid in junior high (or my school called it "intermediate school") who sold gum and candy out of a brown paper lunch bag. Very entreprenurial of him. Then he graduated from a bag to a briefcase, and that was his downfall. Administration eventually caught up to him and forced him to stop. I don't know why - he wasn't gauging anyone. I think it was $0.35 for a pack of Bubblicious (or Hubba Bubba). Mmmmmmm....grape.....

I'm sure someone out there has done this already, but I decided to do it because I couldn't find anyone who actually HAS done it. With all this uproar about Bubba Crosby, I thought that I'd review the Bubba's throughout the history of baseball. Here we go:

PlayerSeasonsABHRRBIBAOPSRCAAMain Position
Bubba Phillips1955-64327862356.255.655-1023B,LF
Bubba Floyd1944900.4441.0563SS
Bubba Morton1961-196992814128.267.7206RF
Bubba Trammell1997-2003179882285.261.79819RF,LF
Bubba Carpenter20002735.222.878-1LF
Bubba Crosby20031201.083.167-2LF

And there was one Bubba pitcher: Bubba Church from 1950-1055. He was 36-37 with a 4.10 ERA and an RSAA of -14. That's it. Only 7 Bubba's in all of baseball history. You know when Bubba Trammell is the best of the bunch that the group is a bit thin. Since there have been so few, I dug up two "almost" Bubba's:

PlayerSeasonsABHRRBIBAOPSRCAAMain Position
Bubbles Hargrave1913-15,'21-'28,'30253329376.310.82489C
Bubber Johnson1920, '22,'26,'27,'29,'35235020.230.535-19C

There you go. I hope you enjoy the list of Bubba's. If anyone knows any interesting facts about the older Bubba's, I'd love to hear about them. It's getting late and I haven't been sleeping well, so my level of research tonight is limited.
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His elbow is flapping in the wind 

I found this fascinating. Apparently R.A. Dickey has no ulnar collateral ligament. None. Zero. Zilch. The ulnar collateral ligament is the one that gets replaced by Tommny John surgery when you blow it out. This guy doesn't have to worry about it BECAUSE HE DOESN'T HAVE ONE!!! Amazing.

Here's a piece of the article:

(boldface was my emphasis)

That's just crazy. Crazy I tell you! It's too bad he's stuck on the Rangers. And that he lost his bonus. It just goes to show you, eh?
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A Bubba counterpoint, and my counter-counterpoint 

Cliff points out this article by Fabian McNally as a counterpoint to my pro-Bubba Crosby stance. Apparently, lots of people have jumped on the Bubba bandwagon. I would like to point out that I mentions Bubba "way back" on March 7 right here.

There is one thing that I would like to say to Fabian and all those Bubba naysayers out there. Yeah, I'm a Yankee fan and yeah we have lots of superstars on our team. But I'm still a baseball fan, and as a baseball fan, and in spite of the fact that I love baseball statistics and sabermetrics and all that jazz, I still like to root for the little guy to overcome immense odds. Is Bubba going to be the next superstar? No, probably not. But I still like the feeling of hoping and wishing and dreaming that someone like Bubba Crosby COULD be the next superstar, or at least a good, solid contributor to the Yankees this season. And that's where this pro-Bubba stance comes from.
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Lee injures shoulder 

See, this is thie trouble with using Lee as an outfielder. There is an iincreased risk of him getting injured out there as compared to him being the backup first baseman. I know I was a bit keen on the idea of him playing some OF, especially with reports saying that he's been looking really good out there, but now I'm beginning to second guess the idea. We NEED him to be able to spell Giambi at 1B. Maybe that should be his only use, instead of trying to squeeze a couple extra miles out of him by sticking him in the OF. Kelt's keep Bubba Crosby as the backup OF - he's been hitting well, and from all accounts, he's been looking really good in the field. Bubba = OF. Travis = 1B.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

extra reliever may start the season with the Yanks 

According to Newsday:
I'd love to see Proctor start the season with the Yankees. Proctor & Crosby (who hit a HR and made a great catch in the field) starting the season on the roster would be fantastic - proof that sometimes the Yankees can successfully trade FOR prospects instead of their usualy trading OF prospects.
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Monday, March 15, 2004

Question: What to do about the Dodgers offense problems? 

Answer: Play against the Mets.

It's currently 8-8 in the 5th inning. Each team has 3 home runs.
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Damn! Brown off Wagner! 

Wow, not only does Kevin Brown have a shotout in the 4th inning, but he hit a home run off Billy Wagner! Way to go! Maybe we'll have an extra pinch hitter this season. ;)
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Bubba and OOTP 

A home run for Bubba! It's looking better and better for him to make the team, especially with Bernie not making the trip to Japan. Of course, Bubba might only be on the team for a cuple days, but that's better than nothing, right? ;)

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. Late last week I was sucked into an OOTP league, and it's been taking up most of my baseball time. It's pretty cool. Anyone ever play OOTP? I'd like to hear what you think of it.
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