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Thursday, March 11, 2004

2B update 

Well, Enrique Wilson went 3-for-3 with a double and a run scored today against the Tigers, while Homer Bush made an error. Cairo went 1-for-2 playing some shortstop. Lamb also made an error. Does anyone know what kinds of errors these were? I know Lamb is being supposedly showcased for other teams. I wish him luck. (Bubba Crosby went 0-for-0 in right field.)

And apparently Travis Lee is looking good in the outfield:
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Fehr is a dick 

Here are some quotes from the steroid hearings. I'm too irate too comment.
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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

More on Bubba 

From the NYTimes:
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Steroids in DC 

Well, it was inevitable. Senator John McCain and his posse have taken charge up there in DC and grilled Donald Fehr about steroids in baseball.
So, now that all that is out of the way - don't our elected politicians have anything BETTER to do than to investigate steroids in baseball? I understand that this is something that needs to be resolved, and the quicker the better, but Senator John McCain? Senator Ted Kennedy? The Senates big guns are out and they're tackling....steroids? How about that thing in Iraq - oh yeah, the war. How about feeding the hungry, educating the uneducated, sheltering the homeless? Nah, let's all grill some baseball brass and make the afternoon headlines. Oooo, maybe we'll even make a big spot on NPR in the afternoon, too! (They did.)

Out of all the things in this country (and world) that need fixing, steroids in baseball is NOT one of them. Let me see if I can find something else that our illustrious politicians are working on....oh, here's one. Thank god! At last! The fast food "restaurants" will finally be safe from consumer lawsuits! Hallelujah! It's time to rejoice in the streets!

OK, that's enough about politics, but I really couldn't help myself. Next post will be all about baseball sans politics and steroids. I promise.
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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Lieber had no problem today 

From an AP news item:
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Neyer on PSS and the Sox & Yanks 

Neyer talking about one emailer's unrealistic expectations of the Twins' bullpen this year:
Ha! Nicely put, Rob.

Rob also talks about how the Red Sox are going to score less runs this year because most of them played over their head. This is something many of us (non-Sox fans) know about. But then he mentions the pitching of the Sox & the Yanks here:
I think that many people think of Schilling as a sure thing, and Pedro and Lowe, too. But are they? We all know about Pedro's injuries woes, and how Sox fans think that Pokey Reese is going to lower Lowe's ERA by a full 2 points (or whatever they are blathering about now-a-days). But I think that Schilling should probably be counted as a sure thing, even though he was injured last year. At least, he is the closest thing to a sure thing next to Mussina & Vazquez.
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Good news. Good news? 

Shef is going to keep playing WITH A TORN THUMB LIGAMENT! Sounds a bit scary to me, but apparently he played a large chunk of last year with the undetected torn ligament, too.
Well, he's proven that he can play with it, but I just hope it doesn't come to haunt him later this year when we REALLY need him in top shape.
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Julio Franco answers Van Slyke 

In case you missed it last week, Andy Van Slyke went on TV and spouted off on some of the steroid users in baseball. Of course Andy has no actual PROOF that they used steroids, but he told everyone that they did anyway, because you can tell when you look at them. Nice going Andy.

Well, Julio Franco, the ageless one (seriously, no one knows his real age):
Julio reacted replied to Andy's comments on how Franco is a user of steroids:

Back when he was with the Indians (the first time), I used to love Julio. I used to try and emulate his crazy batting stance, with no success, of course. There was just something about him that I liked. And you have to applaud a guy who has persevered through so much to make it back to the majors.
Damn, that's a lot of teams! And a lot of leagues! Kudos to a player who truly loves to play.
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A crack of daylight for Bubba? 

Looks like there is a small chance for Bubba Crosby to make the Yankees opening day roster, afterall! Take that! ;) With Bernie and Shef out for a spell, the Yankees will need another OF. Darren Bragg, anyone? Nah, we here at The Greatest Game are rooting for Bubba! There aren't enough Bubbas in baseball. There are plenty of them here in the South, but not enough in baseball.
Runs scored? Um, Bubba, you ain't gonna compete with Shef for runs scored, that's for sure.
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Monday, March 08, 2004

Cubbies' final roster spots 

Alex over at ball talk has a rundown of the players shooting for the last couple roster spots on the Cubbies. Alex doesn't have any kind of permalinks, so just look for the entry labelled "Auditions" and enjoy.

I just recently found Alex's blog, and I like it, hence the link over on the right. And if you have some time, check out his pastels and photos, too.
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Sheffield could be out 2 - 3 months because of thumb 

Uh oh, the injury bug continues to strike the Yankees in Spring Training. This one could be a doozie. Apparently he was injured trying to catch a fly ball hit by Orlando Hudson (he didn't even catch it, it landed for a triple).

We won't know anything until he gets it checked out further. The 2-3 month time frame is only if he needs surgery. If he just needs to rest it up a bit, it should be significantly shorter.

The Yankees seem to be short on OFs since Bernie went down with an appendectomy. Look for a starting outfield of Lofton, Matsui & Travis Lee. Ouch.
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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Bubba Crosby? 

I saw that Bubba went 1-for-2 this afternoon with an RBI and an SB against the Red Sox. I did a quick search on google and didn't find much except for Bubba's minor league stats. What's the scoop on Bubba (besides that he was acquired from the Dodgers last year and that he's a 27 year old minor leaguer and he's running out of time, if he hasn't already run out of time)? Is he a good fielder? Is there any chance that he can make the roster coming out of spring training? He hit well in the PCL last season (which I know isn't too hard, but he batted .361 with an OPS of 1.045), and has a history of speed. He seems to have a decent eye and doesn't strike out too often. I also saw that Cliff covered Bubba briefly in his Non-Roster Invitee list.

Any more info on this guy? Having someone like Bubba as a backup OF instead of Tony Clark would seem to be much more desirable, especially since he has a little speed, too. I'm guessing his chances are slim-to-none, but maybe they can package him for a starting pitcher if (when) the need arises.
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