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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Jeff Kent is an ass 

OK, Jeff, you were trying to make a point, but maybe you should use this thing called 'tact' that some people have the ability to use. In my mind, you'll always be an ass now.
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Friday, February 27, 2004

Torre for 2 more years? 

Looks like George is looking to bring back Joe for a couple more years. It's nice to hear that Joe is interested in coming back for a couple more seasons, but with the prospect of managing ARod, how could he back out now? I know that he's not the best strategic coach in the world (if I hear anymore people complain about him batting Soriano leadoff last season, I'm gonna scream), but he's a great people coach and right now I think the Yankees need a people coach more than a stategy coach.
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Speculation on 2004 free agents 

First I read about how the Yankees would go after Pedro next year when (and if) he's a free agent. Now this article by Mike Lupica in the NY Daily News about how the Yankees should/would/could go after Nomar when (and if) he becomes a free agent after the 2004 season.

I'm seriously sick of all this talk about NEXT SEASON'S free agents. You can barely tell that it's Spring Training for crying out loud!
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Should someone sign Aaron Boone? 

Now that Boone is a free agent, I was wondering if a team was going to take a chance on him coming back later this season and sign him to a minimum salary contract before the season starts. I don't know the odds of him coming back (and being effective) by the end of the season, but maybe a team should take that chance and sign him. There are plenty of teams that could use his services if he's healthy. And if you look at the teams that have a good chance of being in the playoff hunt come August and September, maybe a player like a healthy Aaron Boone can help put them over the top. The Twins have Rivas at 2B - a black hole of hitting and fielding. The Dodgers get notoriously low production out of their middle infield. Even the Red Sox have Pokey Reese at 2B who can't hit himself out of a paper bag. How about the Braves - they could play him at 3B in the playoff stretch. Of course, not all of these teams have unlimited budgets where they can go around signing injured players (a la the Yankees and Lieber last season), but a team like the Dodgers who are desperate for offense might want to take that chance on him.
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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Shawn + Migraine = slow posting day 

I have a migraine today, so posting will be slow to non-existent. It's not too bad as far as migraines go, so I may be able to post some tonight, so go ahead and check back later.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Nice quote, alex (no, not that alex) 

Alex over at balltalk has a nice quote, so I thought that I'd repeat it here:
I just discovered Alex's blog, but I like it, so I'm going to add him over on the right.
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Thanks for the link 

Clay over at here, but pointless kindly linked to me in his blog (this entry), so I thought that I'd return the favor and provide a link to his blog. Thanks Clay!
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Stadium Names 

Jim Caple over at espn.com has a follow-up article to his corporate stadium name article he wrote a while back. This gives me a chance to let you all know of one of my (many) pet peeves.

As you readers may have noticed, I, for the most part, totally ignore all corporate stadium names. Giants Stadium. Padres Park. Rangers Field. These are some of the names that I'll be using in this blog. For one thing - I just can't keep up with all the corporate name switching that all these parks are going through. The other reason is I hate unnecessary advertising. That's another reason why I'm planning on moving from Blogspot - I hate advertising. So except for a few stadium names that might slip through (I'm betting on me mentioning Coors Field), I'll be making up my own stadium names this season, but rest assured, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about - moreso than if I referred to some johnny-come-lately corporate name like Scotch Tape Park or Memorex Memorial Stadium.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Oh yeah, and i finally got around to updating the Daily Top 10 List to the right. I'm back on schedule now and it'll be updated every day. Enjoy.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Sick and Tired 

What am I sick and tired of? Well, for starts, I'm sick and tired of the majority of sports writers (and fans, too) telling us that we can never ever ever till the end of eternity believe a word that is uttered, spoken, muttered, blurted or sincerely articulated by Alex Rodriguez. O Horror of Horrors! Just a few weeks ago ARod said that he was happy to be captain of the Rangers and looked forward to blah blah blah. Come on people, ARod was SUPPOSED to say those things. He was toeing the company line, being a team player, doing his duty, taking one for the team. Did anyone expect him to say something like, "Well, thanks for making me the captain of a team that I would do anything to get away from. It's going to suck big time this year cause we're going to end up in last place again this year, but I'll just sit here with the C on my chest while management wastes dollars on crappy pitchers. Thanks. Thanks a lot for this hollow honor that has been bestowed on me."

All players say things that they don't WANT to say, but they HAVE to say. It's part of their job. No one likes losing. No one likes playing on a crappy team. But you put on the best face that you can and do what you have to do. ARod did just that when he accepted the captaincy of the Rangers not too long ago.

All of us fans (and, I hope, all the journalists and sports writers, too) can read between the lines. We knew what ARod was REALLY saying. Why, all of a sudden, is everyone crucifying him for it? Let it go people.

(P.S. As soon as I have some time, I'll dig up some of the articles that I'm referring to, but I think you've all read at least one of them.)
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Bye Tyler, it was nice knowing you 

According to Lee Sinins (link on the right), Tyler Houston failed to show up for his physical and is going to be released by the Yankees. I guess he figured he wasn't needed anymore. I don't know WHAT gave him that idea...
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Question: Fantasy Keeper League? 

When I started this blog I vowed not to include much, if any, fantasy baseball talk. But I do have a question for everyone. Some friends and I want to start a keeper league - which fantasy baseball site is the best for that? I don't think we'll have enough people to fill out the league, so we'll need some other people to join in, too. Thanks.
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Soriano for Reyes 

The Rangers are looking to trade Soriano to the Mets for Reyes. The Rangers are trying to put together a PACKAGE to get Reyes. Doesn't it seem like since the Rangers traded ARod for Soriano (essentially straight up), that the Mets could have traded Reyes for ARod? I'll bet the Mets fans are going crazy right about now. They just might end up with one of the Yankees' cast-offs instead of ARod. Shoot, why don't they just hold onto Reyes, he's very young, very cheap, and has a great career in front of him? If I were a Mets fan I'd be pissed that they were considering trading Reyes.
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Back in the States 

Aye, mates! I'm back from jolly ole England, but I don't have time to blog right now. I just thought that I'd say hello and let you all know that I'll be posting later on in the day, so check back.
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