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Thursday, December 23, 2004

SS and Win Shares 

Here are the shortstops that signed this offseason, how much they're making, and their Win Shares from 2004:

Edgar Renteria, 4yr/$40M, 17 WS
Orlando Cabrera, 4yr/$32M, 12 WS
David Eckstein, 3yr/$10.25M, 9 WS
Nomar Garciaparra, 1yr/$8M, 11 WS
Christian Guzman, 4yr/$16.8M, 16 WS
Royce Clayton, 1yr/$1.35M, 10 WS

Talk about some crazy contracts! Of course, I think that the Nomar contract will end up being the best one of the bunch. $8M for Nomar? I know he's "fallen" on some tough times, but the guy can outplay every other guy in the above list.

The funny thing about these 5 guys is that when Guzman signed as the first SS this offseason, me and everyone else thought that the Expos/Nationals were completely insane. A 4 year contract for Christian Guzman??? Well, compared to subsequent shortstops signed for, $4M/yr for 16 Win Shares is looking pretty damn good. The thing that is a bit sketchy is that 10 of his Win Shares were defensive, and he played on artificial turf in Minnesota. Now, god only knows where he's going to be playing, but it's safe to say, his infield isn't going to be as good as his old one at the Metrodome. But if his Win Shares stays up in the 15 range, then the Nationals probably got a halfway decent deal (or, at least, a more decent deal than I initially thought) .
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