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Monday, December 27, 2004

No Milton! 

WHEW! The Yankees dodged a bullet - Eric Milton signed with the Reds today. It's a 3 year, $25.5 million deal. INSANE!!! Show me one thing in his past that makes ANYONE think he's worth half that much?

Career 4.76 ERA?
.258 BAA?
1.30 WHIP?
30 HR/200 IP?
4 career shut outs?
10 career complete games?

The only thing that I see that Milton can give any team, is the fact that, except for his one injury season in 2003, he "eats innings". Which translates to "he's a guy who can pitch 200 mediocre innings in a season and who deserves to be no more than a #4 starter".

Come ON people!!! It's not like the Reds are flush with cash and have $8M/yr to dump on a pitcher (like the Yanks and Sox do, but D'Backs don't but still do anyway). Who were the Reds bidding against? Did they bid for the other pitchers who signed previously?

I'm sorry, but this is just wrong. I can't wait for these signings (Milton, Ortiz, etc.) to backfire on their respective teams. Of course, that's when they'll come out and say how unfair the system is and how they can't possibly compete with teams like the Yanks and Sox. EARTH TO CRAPPY TEAMS: stop following the throw-obscene-amounts-of-money-at-anything-with-a-heartbeat strategy and go with the make-smart-signings-and-build-your-team-from-within strategy. A little thinking can go a long way.
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