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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Moises Alou 

I was just writing up a quick blurb on Moises Alou, and how I thought that he was an overlooked free agent this offseason, despite his age. But then I looked at his split stats, and noticed last season that his .919 OPS consisted of a Home OPS of 1.120 and an Away OPS of .716. OUCH! So I went back a year: Home OPS .848, Away OPS .792. Then I went and looked at how he got his career OPS of .880:

Career Home OPS: .938
Career Away OPS: .826

Wow! I had no idea! That's a pretty big difference. I have a feeling that whoever signs him (and the Mets just upped their offer to him, though I'm not sure to what the offer was raised), is going to be disappointed. With that in mind, I'm guessing that the Mets will end up overpaying for him - they just can't seem to get enough overpaid old guys on their team.
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