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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Moises Alou and Park Factor 

One of the comments to my Moises bashing was Leonard who stated:
Despite the home-road differentials, Moises Alou hasn't played in hitter's parks: Pittsburgh, Montreal, and most recently Chicago (Wrigley's Field no longer shows the tendencies to hitters it once did).
For simplicity, I'm going to average out the Park Factor for each team Alou played for (excluding his 5 AB for Pittsburgh):

Montreal (92-96): 102
Florida (97): 95
Houston (98, 00-01): 103
Chicago Cubs (02-04): 101

Well, that doesn't really cut it, does it? Maybe I should do it season by season.

1992: 99
1993: 104
1994: 101
1995: 102
1996: 103
1997: 95
1998: 98
2000: 107
2001: 105
2002: 98
2003: 99
2004: 106

So looking closer, it looks like 4 season he played in pitcher parks, and in 8 seasons he played in hitters parks. We can also look at some park adjusted stats, like OPS+. Alou's career OPS+ is 127 which is pretty darn good. His last 3 seasons were 100, 113, 128. And the funny thing with Alou is that his last two seasons were 2 of his 3 highest Games Played years (151, 155 GP). Before that, he was injured one way or another the previous 4 years, including missing the entire 1999 season. I wouldn't necessarily call him gimpy, considering the past two seasons, but I would be VERY wary of him coming down with some sort of injury in 2005. Buyer beware.

(All stats gathered for this entry are from Baseball Reference.)
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