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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Johnson almost a Yankee? Again? 

According to the Daily News, the Yankees and D'backs are, once again, close to making the Randy Trade.

"In one proposal, the Yanks were to trade Vazquez, Brad Halsey, Abel Gomez and Melky Cabrera (lower-level prospects) for Johnson and include about $12 million to make up some of the difference in money owed to the 41-year-old ace ($16 million this season) and Vazquez ($35.5 million over the next three years).

The other proposal involved the Yankees moving Vazquez and higher-rated prospects Dioner Navarro and Eric Duncan for Johnson, while throwing in significantly less money - around $5 million - to complete the transaction."

Of course, I'd much rather give up the lower level prospects and more cash, but to include Halsey in with the "lower level prospects" is wrong. According to scout.com, Duncan is the Yankees #1 prospect, but Melky Cabrera is their #2, and they are both lower level guys. Navarro is ranked #8, and Abel Gomez is #14. Gomez has "taken over the title of the best left handed pitching prospect in the Yankee farm system" according to scout.com, though it seems like he's still walking a guy ever other inning. If they keep Duncan, they need to move him to 2B (or even 1B) immediately. Barring ARod injury, he'll never play 3B for the Yankees. Since catching prospects seem to be pretty rare these days, I'd think that I'd rather give up Halsey and Melky, but I'm not too keen on either. Ah well, as long as Randy pitches us to a World Series, the D'Backs can have anyone they want.

- Addendum -
Newsday has a new version of the deal:
The Yankees and Diamondbacks were talking seriously yesterday about a trade that could send five-time Cy Young winner Randy Johnson to New York for pitcher Javier Vazquez, catching prospect Dioner Navarro, pitching prospect Brad Halsey and cash.
That's an interesting twist. We'd lost our catching prospect, but we'd be able to keep our top two prospects in Duncan and Melky. Of course, they are both in A ball, and we're trading away two AAA prospects. I'm dying to see what the final deal is.
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