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Thursday, December 23, 2004

It's not Vazquez's fault - blame DePodesta 

Here you go, it's not Vazquez's fault::
"Yankees right-hander Javier Vazquez balked at flying to Los Angeles from the Virgin Islands, where he was on vacation with his family, which includes a newborn. Vazquez took a physical for the Yankees last month, complete with an MRI. The Dodgers could have asked for the results. They could have sent a doctor to meet him in Miami for a second physical. But they were looking for a way out, and Vazquez became a convenient scapegoat."
And a bit more:
"From the Dodgers' perspective, one motivation of the three-team Randy Johnson trade was to create payroll flexibility. At midnight ET Monday, the Dodgers demanded a resolution by 5 p.m. Wednesday, according to an official with one of the other clubs. It was unrealistic for the Dodgers to expect that all of the physical examinations and contract extensions could be completed in such a narrow time frame."
So not only is DePodesta looking bad for backing out of the deal, but now he's looking back for signing JD Drew (who I like) to a contract that is only $9M less than Seattle signed Beltre for. Let's assume that Beltre would have given a slight hometown discount, then LA would have only had to increase their $55M offer to Drew up to, let's say $60M or so for Beltre. Why didn't they do that? Do they think that Beltre actually sucks? Beltre is 4 years younger, and while I don't think that Beltre can continually put up numbers equivalent to 2004, he's still a damn good ballplayer.

I hope DePodesta goes down for this one. Maybe he does have some crazy plan he's not revealing, but word on the street is that he tried to back out of his deal with Florida at the last minute, too. That's two backouts in two trades. Maybe he should think harder on his trades BEFORE he commits to making them.

I have no doubt that they Yanks will continue to go after Randy and probably get him, though I will miss Vazquez - he's a very good pitcher, and I wish that the Yanks would find a way to trade for Randy and keep Vazquez - then we'd have the best pitching staff by FAR in the majors. Yeah, it would be extremely pricy (> $60M) but who cares?

How about trading Posada, like some earlier rumor hinted at. AJ Pierzynski is a free agent, and so is Varitek (go Yellow Jackets!). We can find someone to fill in for Posada (who had a poor 2nd half last season) who is getting a bit on the old side to be a productive catcher. It's just a thought.

Oh yeah, and I don't relish the thought of spending $16M+/yr for Beltran. The Drew contract ($11M/yr) is looking pretty damn good right now, especially since DREW WAS BETTER THAN BELTRAN LAST SEASON!!! As much as I hate to say it, I'm kind of hoping the Yankees don't sign him. We can sign Magglio Ordonez to an incentive laden contract for a much shorter term than Beltran. 2004 was Magglio's first season with an OPS under .900, and that was because it was an injury shortened season. From 2000 - 2003 his OPS were: .917, .914, .978, .926. And he's a .300 hitter, and he has a little speed, and he hits about 30 HR and 40 2B per year. I wonder what his asking price is - probably around Drew's. I know he's a RF, but he has played a little CF (27 games). Unfortunately, I'm sure the Yankees aren't even looking at that possibility. Ah well, here's to hoping.
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