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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Drew to the Dodgers 

This is a bit disappointing:
The incentive for Los Angeles is that the trade would clear payroll space for the signing of the free-agent right fielder J. D. Drew. The Dodgers could soon sign Drew to a five-year contract worth $11 million to $12 million a season.
considering this question (check the comments to this entry) that I posed for Cliff over at Bronx Banter:
Cliff: do you think that getting Beltran is going to be better than getting Drew? I know no one talks about it, but Drew's numbers (except foor steals) were significantly better than Beltran's numbers. I know Drew has the injury problem, but it's not like Beltran has never been injured. Drew's OPS+ the past two years have been 133, 158. Beltran's OPS+ have been 126, 136. Drew is two years older and is a lefty, while Beltran is a switch hitter. Drew also had 3 more Win Shares than Beltran last year (34 to 31). Considering how much Beltran is going to command, wouldn't it be better to take Drew for 3-4 years than Beltran for 6-7?
$11M/yr seems like a good deal for Drew - better than the $15M/yr that Beltran is going to end up getting.
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