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Monday, July 05, 2004

Player A, meet Player B 

I rarely, if ever, do this Player A/Player B thing, but here it goes. Compare these two major league 2nd basemen.
            AB    R    2B   HR   RBI   BB   SO   SB   BA    OBP    SLG    OPS

Player A: 337 41 13 14 50 18 66 8 .294 .335 .457 .792
Player B: 282 38 16 6 42 16 32 10 .312 .368 .461 .829
Just for clarification, Player B's numbers have been doubled in order to bring the at-bats more in line with Player A's.

Give up on who they are? Player A is the top American League vote getter this year: Alfonso Soriano. And Player B? Player B, whose numbers are comparable to Soriano's, is Miguel Cairo. Crazy, eh? Now I know Cairo has only had 141 AB this year, and that is a pretty small sample size, but it is still pretty impressive. Soriano is not having a good year at all, especially considering he is now playing in a hitter's park (home OPS: 906; Road OPS: 668 - Cairo has even splits).

And as far as fielding is concerned, Cairo has a higher fielding percentage (.981 to .968), a higher Range Factor (5.45 to 5.16), and a lower Zone Rating (.748 to .798).

Oh yeah, and Cairo is making $900,000 this year compared to Soriano's $7,400,000. So those articles that I've read this year about the Yankees losing out on the ARod-for-Soriano trade because they gutted their second base position, well, all those writers can go jump in a lake for all I care. I'm happy with Miguel Cairo playing 2B for the Yankees this year.

(As far as All-Stars go, among qualified second basemen, Soriano is 4th in OPS, behind Belliard, Uribe and Bellhorn.)
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