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Monday, July 12, 2004

Cairo and Win Shares 

Lisa Gray of The Dugout makes a good point here. She says that Miguel Cairo is more valuable then you would first think. So here was my reply (which can be read at the previous link, too):
Very interesting. I've been pushing the fact that Cairo has been better than people have been thinking, and this proves me correct. Why trade for a second baseman when the one you have is outperforming just about every 2B in the majors. Again, I will point out that 163 AB is a relatively small sample size, but considering he's a good fielder, and he's hitting the ball well, I hope the Yanks focus elsewhere in the trade market (i.e. pitching).

And hopefully Brown and Karsay will help out when they get back from rehab. They will help out more than any trade could (except for maybe Randy Johnson).
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