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Monday, June 21, 2004

Yankees trade rumors 

Why are the Yankees thinking of trading for Carlos Beltran? I mean, besides the fact that the Red Sox are trying to trade for him, too. If they Yankees trade for Beltran (giving up their last two decent prospects in the process), they'll have an outfield of Beltran, Sheffield, and Matsui. Pretty freakin' good. If not THE best, then ONE of the best outfields in the majors. And then Bernie shifts to DH. But wait, Giambi is Mr. Gimp, so he'll have to have some time at DH, too, which will leave Bernie (currently their leadoff hitter) out in the cold. So that means, unless Bernie can learn to play first base really fast, he's going to be sitting on the bench every time Giambi has to rest his knees (or various other body parts). I know that having Beltran in the lineup and occasionally having Bernie out of the lineup is still a plus. But do we want to do that AND give up our best prospects? Beltran is likely going to sign with the Yankees after the season anyway, so why bother trading for him? Our team is doing just fine (best record in baseball), so let's hold off on all this trade talk.
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