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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Yankee injuries 

Well, Jeter and Wilson both hurt their groins, so that leaves the Yankees with a lack of infielders. Supposedly Cairo will play SS and Homer Bush will play 2B. I have an idea. Play Shef at 3B, move ARod to SS for a couple of games, and keep Cairo at 2B. The defense will be weakened at 3B, strengthened at SS, and Cairo is a better 2B'er than Bush, so that position will remain strong. Plus, the offense will be much stronger. Any OF/DH that the Yanks have is better than putting Bush into the lineup. Sierra (who has been slumping a bit lately) or Bubba Crosby would play RF and Bernie would be in CF (or Bernie could DH and Bubba could play CF. Whichever they choose, I like it better than playing Homer. Of course, I'm also a bit biassed because I'd love to see Shef play 3B again. Apparently he's been taking grounders every day just in case he's needed to step into the 3B slot. I think he's itching to play there - I wonder if he could convince Torre...
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