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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Thankful to be a Yankee fan 

I know, I know. Why WOULDN'T I be thankful I was a Yankee fan. Especially since they've been hitting the crap out of the ball of late. Well, sometimes you just realize how thankful you SHOULD be because you root for the best sports team in baseball, if not all of sports.

I was reading Aaron's Baseball Blog this morning, as I always do, and I started feeling sorry for Aaron and the rest of the Twins fans. Yeah, their team is doing well, but DAMN they don't know how to manage players, especially young players. And their infielders! OUCH! Rivas??? What the hell is he still doing on a major league team, much less starting every day? But I digress. I realized how thankful I was that we Yankee fans don't have that problem (and NOT because we don't have any youngsters) - our manager, more than anybody, knows people and how to manage them. Yeah, yeah, we are the richest ballclub in the league by far, and that, of course, helps, but when you look at some other teams, you see that it's not the money, but the brains and the personalities that make up the management of the team that makes this team so great. And that is what I'm thankful for.
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