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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Rivera homers twice in one inning, and rookie pitcher gets the sh|t kicked out of him 

Ex-Yankee Juan Rivera hit two homers in one inning against the Chicago White Sox. And one of those homers was a grand slam. Talk about a career day! I, for one, always rooted for Rivera to do well and win a starting spot on the Yankees, but that never seemed to materialize. Hopefully he'll be able to make a decent career for himself in the majors. Good luck, Juan.

On another note, that very same game, rookie White Sox pitcher Arnie Munoz was called up from AA ball, you read correctly - AA ball, and left in to get pummelled for 11 runs and 10 hits in 3 innings. He was left in for the entire 2nd inning where he got tagged for 9 runs. What the fuck is Guillen thinking leaving a rookie (did I mention that he was called up from AA ball???) for that fucking long??? If his bullpen needed rest, then maybe they shouldn't have started a guy from AA ball! We all knew that Guillen was going to be a shit-fucking bad manager, but his actions today are patently inhumane. Ozzie, I hope your team finishes in dead last and your ass gets fired as soon as possible.
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