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Monday, June 14, 2004

Pete Rose in the news again? Well, not really... 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I dislike Pete Rose even more than I dislike Nicholas (Nic) Cage. So for me to post a Random Stat where Pete Rose is at the top of the list AND the list isn't titled "Shawn's Most Dispised Players" is truly a day to remember. To be fair, Pete Rose was managing himself (and doing a poor job of it) during his last season or so on the diamond, which is probably the main reason why he ranks #1 in Most Double Plays by a Player Over 40. Of course, Julio Franco is still playing, so it's possible that if he does indeed play as long as he intends to (he wants to play until he's 50) that he'll rank #1 on this list eventually. All the names on the list played 1B, except for Luke Appling (SS), Rabbit Maranville (2B), and Honus Wagner (split time between 1B and 2B). In case you're curious, here is a list of the leading players at the respective positions:

Pos Player DP
P Phil Niekro 30
C Carlton Fisk 22
1B Pete Rose 341
2B Rabbit Maranville 92
3B Deacon White 25
SS Luke Appling 158
OF Sam Rice 6

-Addendum -
Here is the original Random Stat:
Double Plays Turned (40+ years old)
	Player			DP

1 Pete Rose 341
2 Cap Anson 327
3 Luke Appling 158
4 Julio Franco 146
5 Tony Perez 133
6 Honus Wagner 131
7 Andres Galarraga 111
8 Rabbit Maranville 92
9 Joe Start 89
10 Willie McCovey 78
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