The Greatest Game

Saturday, June 12, 2004


Well, nothing really needs to be said about last nights 10-2 whupping that the Yankees got. It seems that once Mussina got hurt, Torre decided that the game wasn't all that important. Leaving Heredia in for that long was painful. It must have hurt Torre at least as much as it hurt all of us. And what can be said for Gabe White. Both those guys should be shipped out ASAP. They are already at the back of the bullpen, but they really need to be put on a slow boat to China. Bring up Graman for middle relief. Claim a scrub off waivers. SOMETHING! Just because they're lefties doesn't mean you have to keep them. They can't even get lefties out, so the hell with them! When Karsay comes back next month, one of them better be gone, though I don't know which I despise more - Heredia or White.

Oh yeah, and Mussina's groin. What's with all the groin injuries? Hopefully he'll be ok for his next start. He was pitching well before he had to come out of the game. It looks like he's recaptured his stuff. My fingers are crossed that this early exit and his strained groin don't interrupt his routine to the point where he loses all his gains from the past month.
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