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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

New Random Stats 

Well, tonight we have Total Career Assists By Third Basemen. Everyone should recognize all the names on the list. The one name that stands out for me above the rest is Aurelio Rodriguez. I remember when he came to the Yankees in 1980. He didn't play much, and I remember not thinking much of him at the time, but he really had a long career, mostly with the Tigers. And apparently he was a pretty damn good third baseman. His career Rate2 is 106, but in the main part of his career, he consistently had a Rate2 of 110+ with a high of 114 (in a full season). To put it in perspective, Mike Schmidt has a career Rate2 of 108 with a career high of 115.

And it's a good thing that Aurelio could pick it at the hot corner, because he was a horrible hitter! His career OPS was .626 and his OPS+ was a miserable 76 (with 100 being average). To continue the comparison, Mike Schmidt has a career OPS of .907 and an OPS+ of 147.

If I had a little motivation I would add Rate2 to the chart on the right. That would put the list into a little more perspective.
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