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Thursday, June 10, 2004

my blog stats and Yankee relievers 

Ever since I took that month off at the beginning of the season, my blog stats have taken a huge hit from what I was at during the offseason. I had been hovering in the mid-teens (yes, 15 hits per day ): but now I've broken into the low to mid-20's. Baby steps. The more I write and the more I contribute to other blogs via comments, etc. the more traffic I will get. I just wanted to thank those people who have been coming around lately. So, thanks!

Oh yeah, Bret Prinz had another great day: 1-2/3 innings, no hits, one walk, 2 strike outs. He had to come in and rescue Gabe White who sucks moose balls this year. He really shouldn't be allowed to pitch unless we're losing by 10-12 runs in the very very late innings. He and Heredia should be cut. But with Prinz & Sturtze (more Prinz than Sturtze), it looks like the Yankees might have some viable alternatives to burning out their Big Three Relievers. I'm not saying that these two should be pitching the 8th inning of a one run game, but Prinz has definately earned some more innings with his performance this season.

I just hope that if he (or Sturtze for that matter) have a bad outing and give up a run or two, that it doesn't prevent Torre from using them in close games from that point out.
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