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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Game update & trade opinions 

I know, I know, another mid-game update. Feh. Brad Halsey was just lifted for Quantrill in the 6th inning after giving up a single with 2 out (Quantrill got Hernandez to foul out, ending the inning). Halsey threw 109 pitches, which is a LOT for 5-2/3 innings. Of the 109 pitches, 71 were for strikes, which isn't too bad. The only mistake that he really made was giving up a home run to HIDEO NOMO!!! ARGH!!! Say it ain't so!!! Nomo was leading off the inning, too. Halsey gave up 2 doubles and 2 singles (5 hits in total), striking out 3 and walking only 1.

I'd have to say that's a very impressive first major league start for our Brad Halsey. I would like to see several more from him in a Yankee uniform. Of course, he'll probably be traded in the next month for either Freddy Garcia or Carlos Beltran. I for one would rather see neither in a Yankee uniform this season (next season is a different story). Even with injuries to some of our pitchers I feel that we have enough to win the division, the league and the WOrld Series this year. Make Halsey the 5th starter (or 6th starter, since the 6th man should get a good number or starts this year) and lets keep our prospects for another year. Sign Beltran (who, while a very good player, is not worth the same money that Vlad got last year, since Vlad is DEFINATELY better than Beltran) this offseason, move Bernie to DH (and keep him in the leadoff slot since he has a very good OBP), sign another pitcher, and call it a day. Just don't denude the farm system (again) for a couple months of a player that, in the big picture, isn't going to help you win any more than you were going to win in the first place.
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