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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Cuban star defects to the US 

Apparently one of Cuba's biggest up-and-coming baseball stars - Kendry Morales - has defected to the US. He's a RF/2B/1B who his .391 with 9 HR in the 2003 Cuban baseball season.

Here's the thing: as far as I understand things, since he defected to the US, he'll have to go into the next amateur draft (364 days from now). Why didn't he defect to another country? Of course, the US is the closest country for him and probably the easiest to sneak off to, but the other Cuban defectors in recent years went to another country, got a visa, then they were able to negotiate huge contracts with whatever team they wanted to go to. Now it looks like he's stuck with whatever team drafts him - his contract leverage is going to be quite small.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the situation. I'll have to do some further investigation on this.
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