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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Brad Halsey 

I've noticed that there have been a number of people looking for Brad Halsey information. Well, here you go. This season at Columbus, he's had the following numbers:

2.52 ERA, 82 IP, 75 H, 51 K (5.59/9IP), 19 BB (2.09/9IP), 1 HR, 13 GS, 2 CG, 1 SHO, 6-2

His previous minor league seasons he's put up these numbers. Cliff as Big Red Blog (my apologies for not linking to the site - I'm an idiot) via Fabian at Minor Yankee Blog noted:
How's that?

- Addendum -
I found this quote pretty funny:
- Addendum's Addendum -
Another funny thing involving Halsey, this one from Alex's Bronx Banter:
And this one, too.
All in all, it looks like the Yankees are going to have a good time with Brad Halsey, both with his pitching, and making fun of the rookie. But if you had to have someone tease you for your rookie mistakes, it might as well be a team full of All-Stars.
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