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Friday, May 28, 2004

Small Site Modifications 

Besides my rant on Joe Morgan earlier today (I was at work, so I didn't go very in depth on his incompetence - sorry about the short shrift I gave it, but I'm sure you're all well aware of his...ummm.....short comings as a baseball analyst), I made some small modifications of the blog.

Of course the colors have changed. Sorry it hurts your eyes so bad, I'm hopefully going to be tweeking it a bit so it's not so painful to look at, but I had to get rid of that horrendous red & puke green color combination that I had. Blech.

I added some RSS/Atom links to the right, so use them and enjoy yourself.

I changed out the Random Top 10 (or in this case, bottom 10). Yes, our old buddy Soriano is at the top of the errors list over the past 3 years for second basemen. Thatsalotta errors! (Say that the same way you'd say "Thatsa spicy meatball!" and you'll understand what I'm thinking - scary, eh?) And just to show that it's not just the number of balls hit to him that's causing those extra errors, I added a new, BONUS column - fielding percentage. Yeah, his is kinda low. I know that Soriano gets decent Defensive Win Shares, but thatsalotta errors!

I added a new book I'm reading.

As you can all see, I'm trying my best to resurrect my blog. At one time I was averaging 50 people a day or so visiting my blog, but now, because of my slackness, I'm down to about 15-20. Pretty pathetic. I'm hoping to get it back up to 50, then eventually to 100/day. So any help you can give me, I'd greatly appreciate it. One thing that I need to do more of is to participate in other people's blogs by posting comments and sending emails. That's usually what gets me the most traffic, though David Pinto's comment on my criticism of his blog recently gave me a decent spike of hits, though I don't think it will really help the long term popularity of my blog. Again, any help you all can give, I'd really appreciate it.

That's about it. I doubt I'm going to be posting many pictures, but it's nice to have the option.
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