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Friday, May 28, 2004

Reason #14235 why Joe Morgan sucks  

ARGH! Another one!!!
First of all, OF COURSE you're going to pick Perez, so saying that you're going to pick Perez doesn't mean anything. And SECOND of all, Mays averaged 25-30 HR??? Here's his list of HR from 1954 - 1966, the meat of Mays' career: 41, 51, 36, 35, 29, 34, 29, 40, 49, 38, 47, 52, 37. His LOWEST HR total was 29, while he topped 50 twice. Those numbers are fantastic even in this day and age. Willie Mays' average for his ENTIRE career INCLUDING 3 partial seasons is 30, and that includes his first couple seasons (he was 20 when he broke into the majors) where he his 20 and 4 HR, and his last couple seasons where he his 8 and 6 HR (he was 42 when he retired). So to say that he averaged 25-30 HR/season is EXTREMELY misleading. He averaged about 40 HR/season during the meat of his career.

Never let it be said that Joe Morgan allows facts to get in the way of his opinions.

- Addendum -
Don Fielder over at Slack LaLane pointed out that the person who asked the above question is Mitch Cumstein. MITCH CUMSTEIN! Yes, the Mitch Cumstein from Caddyshack fame. Nice job Mr. Morgan.
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