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Friday, May 28, 2004

Reason #14234 why Joe Morgan sucks 

Take a look at this exchange on Joe Morgan's espn.com chat:
I'll print that again for you to read:
So, the Giants are below .500 because opposing teams are walking Bonds? WHAT?!?! It couldn't POSSIBLY be because every other hitter (except maybe Feliz) sucks moose balls? And the have Bret Tomko in their starting rotation? And Kirk Reuter, too? It couldn't be because Neifi Perez has 154 at bats this season already and has an OPS of .528? Or Alfonzo, Tucker and Snow all stink? Joe Morgan, do you think those things could possibly be why the Giants are below .500? Come on Joe, why can't you THINK before you start thinking. Maybe then you'll decide not to say something as idiotic as you always do.
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