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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Giambi - 1/5th of the way through the season 

I just happened to look atJason Giambi's numbers this afternoon and I noticed that his OPS is up a bit from last season (.978 to .939). His BA is up 19 points to .269 - definately not in the range where he was prior to 2003, but he also started off slow this year, so maybe it will continue to climb (like a lot of the Yankees' batting averages are doing right now). But the one thing that interested me was his BB and K for the season so far. If you extrapolate his numbers out the rest of the season (assuming he's healthy of course) you'll see that his strikeouts are WAY down from last year. Prior to coming to the Yankees, Giambi's highest strikeout total was in 1999 when he had 106 in 695 PA. Last year he struck out 140 times in 690 PA. That's a 32% increase from his career high. Well, this year, he's on the pace of about 105 K or so for a full season. Nothing close to his low of 83 K in 671 PA in 2001, but it's definately a trend worth keeping track of. I know 125 PA isn't a huge sample, but it's good enough for me to detect general trend.
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