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Friday, May 14, 2004

Finally! New Random Stats! 

As you all know, the Random Stats over there in the righthand column was supposed to be an everyday thing. Well, like much of life, reality differs greatly from intention. So, finally, I have updated that space after over a month of the Top 10 OBA from 1910 - 1920. This time we have something much simpler: Intentional Bases on Balls from 1993 - 2003. As you can see, the top 2 guys are Braves starting pitchers who barely (if ever) missed a start. The other guys are mostly middle relievers with a starter or closer thrown in there for good luck. It looks like Bobby Cox has liked the IBB, while middle relievers are up there because the "game is on the line" which means that managers have to over-strategize and do crazy things like squeeze bunt and walk guys intentionally.

Keep coming back for more interesting and fun facts. By doing this I hope to find little bits and pieces of random interesting information. I hope you like it, too.
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