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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

David answers my criticisms 

Ah, David finally got wind of my post here and answered it here. I'm sure a lot of you coming to visit today used David's link to my post. Many of you are first timers, so welcome - I'm glad you stopped by.

It seems that Al Bethke over at Al's Ramblings picked up on my post and further elaborated his dissatisfaction with David's blog lately. I don't necessarily agree with Al's views on the subject (i.e. Bud Selig isn't bad, ads on bases aren't bad, etc.), but it is nice to see that David himself agrees with my assessment that his writing has slipped. One of the comments posted for his entry makes a good point - David has been doing more play-by-play instead of in depth analysis, more light touches and opinions on news items than great stuff like his probablistic defensive ratings.

I don't mean to be a David Pinto basher - he's the guy who got me interested in baseball blogs in the first place, and the baseball blog world wouldn't be the same if he left, but maybe, like David says himself, he needs a break. We all need breaks. Maybe he needs decrease the quantity of entries and increase the depth of them.

Of course, who am I to comment on David's writings, eh? I certainly don't blog every day (though I used to blog 4-5 times a day in this blog), and my entries aren't all that in depth, either. I was just pointing out how I've soured on blogging a bit lately. I'm trying my best to continue, to break through my blogger's block. I guess we all do what we can, eh?
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