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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Batting Order 

It's nice to see that, with Giambi out, Torre has moved Posada (OPS 1.081) into the #5 slot with Matsui (OPS .918), who is hitting the CRAP out of the ball, moving to the #6 slot. Of course, this means that Bernie is batting 7th, but until he can start showing improvement, I'm guessing that is where he is going to stay for a while. Sheffield (OPS .807) is going to start hitting (as witnessed by his monster night last night), so I'm fine with leaving him 4th. Torre would do more harm than good by moving him out of his spot in the lineup.

And something that I just noticed - Tony Clark, who is only batting .230 and is starting everyday in place of the DL'd Giambi, has a very respectable OPS of .857. While his BA is quite low, his OBP is a high .365 with 12 BB in 61 AB (not sure what his exact PA are). Put that together with a slugging percentage of .492, you get a nice OBP. Keep up the good work, Tony! That's exactly what you want youf backup to do. And except for last year, his fielding has been above average (check out his Rate2 here).
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