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Saturday, April 03, 2004

See you in St Louie, Cedeno 

Looks like the Mets finally got rid of Roger Cedeno. What a disaster that signing was. Blech. Even as a Yankee fan, thinking about Cedeno playing for the Mets the past two seasons hurts - imagine how the Mets fans feel!?!? The ended up trading him to St. Louis for backup catcher Chris Widger (who they don't really need) and infielder Wilson Delgado (who they also don't need too badly). Oh yeah, and St. Louis gets "monetary considerations" which means they get a boatload of money to offset Cedeno's horrific contract. Not a bad deal for St. Louis, considering they have Old Man Lankford in leftfield. Cedeno gives them one more hit-or-miss option out there. He can't be any worse than those other guys the Cardinals are throwing out there. Can he? Well, OK, he COULD be worse, but he could be about the same, too.
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