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Thursday, April 01, 2004

My first baseball game of the season 

On Wednesday April 7, I will be attending my first baseball game of the year. My department had a good first quarter, so they're treating all of us to a Braves game (I think vs. the Mets) AND we're going to get the good seats, since we *DO* own the team after all. ;) It should be a lot of fun - they're giving us some Braves Bucks to spend as we want, which is nice for we vegetarians of the department.

As for the pitching matchup, I'm not too sure, but it may be something like Russ Ortiz against Al Leiter, which should be a pretty good matchup.

And, as a Yankee fan, who am I going to root for? Good question. Everyone else is going to be rooting for the Braves, so I think I'll have to stick by the hometown team and root for the Mets. Please, no hate mail. ;)
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